Once again, cycling and it’s connection to people and the formation of relationships has recently presented itself. A year ago Matt Michaud suggested that we host our lunch for the Farm Ride and Tour de L’Acadie somewhere off of ‘le vieux chemin” in Notre Dame du Lac in a farmer’s field with a view of Lac Temiscouata.

Just last week, Mike Chasse and I were driving on the “vieux chemin” looking for a perfect spot to host an Acadian style lunch for the cyclists. We spotted what we thought might be a decent view of the lake.

As we surveyed the landscape, the owner of the farm Lucy Morin and her father Joe appeared and asked, “Can I help you?”  Explaining our situation and our desire to have lunch on her property, it became quite clear that not only would we be allowed, but that these new friends were very enthusiastic and helpful in making this lunch possible and unforgettable for our group of cyclists.

“Follow me” Lucy exclaimed as we jumped into our vehicles and headed down a farm road in the middle of their hay field.  The closer we got to the special and secret location the more stunning and brilliant the view of Lac Temiscouata became.  “Here we are, I’ll set up tables, how many will you need?”  “The port-a-potty is in the back here, this whole area can be yours and we’ll clean it up some more before you all come.”

Mike and I looked at each other in utter amazement and disbelief in such an act of kindness and willingness to help with our project.

This very special location, Lucy Morin’s and her family’s little piece of heaven shaded by silver birches and sugar maples with an absolutely stunning view of majestic Lac Temiscouata would be ours to share with fellow cyclists.

As we departed Lucy’s last words still ring clear in my mind, “It’ll be cool to see all the cyclists in our field”

Thank you Lucy, Richard and Joe for sharing the Morin/Morrow farm and for being so friendly.  It will be cool, real cool to ride our bikes down that road and to enjoy not only a well deserved lunch but to share it amongst new friends.