17 11, 2021

Revisiting the Rossignol Ancestral Homeland, Part 1

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St.Denis de Kamouraska, Quebec Canada.    In 2014 I wrote about finding the Rossignol ancestral homeland after meeting our new found cousins from St. Denis, Julien, Michel and Isabelle Rossignol.  I became intrigued not only with this beautiful part of our world, its landscape and geography but its people, their/our culture and specifically my Rossignol [...]

6 09, 2018

Mark, Brian and Bouey do the Vermont Overland 2018

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My brother Brian has been after me for several years to do this gravel ride in Vermont, the "Vermont Overland".  It has become so popular that within 1 hour on January 1st it is completely sold out, 700 registrants!  Brian has told me multiple times that this ride/race is perhaps one of the best and [...]

12 08, 2014

“Rien sans la peine” . . . Nothing without pain/effort

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Why do we seek out tough climbs? Many people always ask me; why put yourself through pain and suffering on your bike or why attempt climbing those hard steep sections of road? The standard answer that I've always given was, "because I can". In truth though the answer is not that simple. A good old [...]

20 07, 2014

CPT Time Trial . . . 5:30 AM

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What's more fun than a 12.3 mile time trial at 5:30 AM amongst good friends? After a 10-15 minute warm up we set out in 1 minute intervals; Beth Ann first, then John, Andrew, Mark and Dave. Winning time 32:40! I won't divulge who won, because that's not really important. Yeah right!!, I can hear [...]