“If we don’t have it . . . you probably don’t need it.” I know you’ve all heard that one before, but in today’s world of excess, this statement truly rings clear and true at Stockholm’s best little country store. In the past year alone I’ve been to Anderson’s over 25 times and Walmart 0 times!

I wish that there were Anderson’s type general stores in every neighborhood. Where else can you get ALL of your groceries, the best cuts of meat, Rib eye or porterhouse are my favorite’s (“you can’t beat Gale’s meat”), Chicken salad sandwich on cranberry-orange ciabatta bread, soft serve ice cream and a cup of coffee with the best homemade donuts and pastries anywhere. All enjoyed while sitting at a table with the locals and catching up with other customers that keep coming in for their shopping? The staff is always friendly and courteous, Susee once GAVE me two loaves of homemade bread to try and to see which I liked best, I loved them both equally. Once I forgot my money, no problem ; “I’ll write an IOU, and you can pay me next time you come in”, exclaimed Stina at the cashier counter.

I love stopping at Anderson’s for a cup of coffee and a pastry, whether I’m heading out for a day of fishing with my sons or returning from a day of working up to my camp at Long Lake it’s always good. My cycling buddies and I almost always stop in for a rest and a bite to eat to recharge and refuel.

The locals that hang out there on any given afternoon are also quite friendly, unique and interesting. Take for example, Aurelle a ninety some year old resident who can be found there often sitting at the coffee tables with others discussing the current events. Every time, and I mean every time I show up there he does not hesitate to harass me with some good natured ribbing; “. . . not working again today Mark?”! “Hey Mark!, do you think you could check my knee, I think I did something to it the other day” exclaimed another patron. Or Floyd who shook his head and stated to me that he’s going to have to bite the bullet and get his hip replaced sooner rather than later. “Hey tell Jeremy at CPT that I’m feeling a lot better since he worked on me” blurts out Mabel! Things get done much more efficiently down at Anderson’s without all the Medicare regulations and paperwork, makes you wonder if the old way of treating patients in a small country doctor’s office might be a better way of doing things today.
Today at Anderson’s I bumped into Amos, a classmate of my youngest son Kjetil who made an interesting purchase: a bottle of red wine and a watermelon. He heard that recently I lost 4-5 chickens to ravens. He said that ravens got to his young flock of over 100 chickens. When I asked how many were killed, he stated rather matter of factly; “all of them”.

The thing I like best about going to Anderson’s is that I get to engage in all kinds of conversations with all kinds of different folks. Down to earth, real folks. You can’t be in a hurry if you’re shopping in Stockholm, it would be rude I think. You never leave there with more than 3-4 bags of groceries,so you must make at least 3-4 visits a week, which is nice. What I really like about Anderson’s is the soft serve ice cream machine that is strategically placed at one end of the check out counter. I only wish they served “Maple Creamies” like they do in Vermont, maybe I’ll take it up with management.