Fresh Trails Adventures

The mental struggle when ascending your toughest
climb, an unexplored road, a strong tailwind, a postride drink of chocolate milk, a ride amongst friends; these are the experiences we live for. There is no more fulfilling, environmentally conscience and healthy mode of transportation than cycling. We are grateful to be able to share this with you. Come join us

A Fresh Approach

Join us as we embark on a journey of lifelong fitness and the art of living well.  At Fresh Trails Adventures, our goal is to provide you with an escape of the mundane, the hustle and bustle, and headache of everyday life.  Break away from mediocrity by experiencing a Fresh Trails Adventures cycling tour throughout New England, Eastern Canada or Europe.  Enjoy what life has to offer when the cell phone is shut off and all there is to hear is the hum of your tires on the pavement and a rush of air through your helmet.

Dining and Accomodations

Not only are we passionate about cycling, but we also savor fine regional cuisine and quaint bed & breakfast lodging.  There is nothing better than following up an epic ride with a satisfying meal amongst friends and a calm evening of relaxation in front of the fireplace.

Our dining and lodging offer a warm welcome to cyclists emphasizing charming, family-run, non-chain establishments in spectacular surroundings.  While en route, enjoy excellent support and encouragement to make your stay with us is as stress-free as possible.

Not Just a Cycle Touring Company

Fresh Trails Adventures also offer weeklong training camps and vacations to various locations such as New Hampshire, Vermont, and Europe. Optional activities include cross-country ski lessons, inn-to-inn cycling, as well as various corporate wellness and teambuilding programs (available upon request.)  Other recreational and cultural opportunities have been planned to make for a unique and memorable experience.  Please email us with specific requests/questions/reservations.

Routes and Abilities

Whether meandering through the farmlands of Vermont or wine vineyards of Tuscany, our routes are carefully selected and planned to bring you
the most out of each ride. Panoramic vistas are as common as the small country stores that line the routes. Fresh Trails Adventures have also
categorized the abilities of each trip to insure no one is left behind or felt held back. As avid cyclists are ourselves, we understand the importance of being evenly matched in abilities.

  • New to cycling or have only biked a couple of times
  • Relaxed pace, 12+ mph
  • 15-25 miles daily
  • Mostly flat terrain with a several rolling hills
  • Enjoy stopping frequently to take pictures
  • Ride often, 2-3 times per week
  • Steady pace, 16+ mph
  • 25-40 miles daily
  • Rolling terrain with short (5 min) sustained climbs of 8+%
  • Understands how to ride in a group of cyclists and is familiar with
    riding in traffic
  • Puts in more miles per week than driving
  • Fast pace, 20+ mph
  • 40-75+ miles daily
  • Challenging terrain with long (20-30 min) sustained climbs of 10+%
  • Pays attention to pre-, during and post-ride nutrition


Attention to detail, outgoing, knowledgeable, personable: these are just a few words to describe the talent of the Fresh Trails Adventures team. Our diverse backgrounds include physical therapists, engineers, a master bike mechanic, an orthopedic physician’s assistant and professional nordic skier. A shared passion for cycling and good food makes for a team that you can count on to make your trip an adventure of a lifetime.

BethAnn Chamberlain
BethAnn ChamberlainTrip Leader & Masseuse
I believe you need a balance of all things in life. This is especially true with your body. Keep challenging it through new pursuits while allowing time for it to rest and recover. This is what I strive for in my own life and encourage all my massage clients to do as well. I am looking forward to bringing this balance to Fresh Trails while leading trips and offering massage to all the clients.
Mark Rossignol
Mark RossignolThe Man, The Legend
Mark has been cycling for the past 10 years and his travels have taken him and others to France, Italy, North Carolina, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Canada. He has conducted various cycling camps/clinics, tours, and educational seminars related to conditioning and fitness. To me there is no comparison between racing and touring, the health benefits and sheer enjoyment derived from touring and fine dining far outweigh hard training and racing.
Matt Michaud
Matt MichaudCycling Lackey
Matt grew up in a small town perched on the Maine-New Brunswick border. Between earning an undergraduate degree and becoming a physical therapist, he began training in the sport of biathlon, supplementing summer trainings with triathlons and cycling. Through it all, cycling has remained his passion. Despite dabbling in the competitive aspect of the sport, Matt prefers the quiet sanctity of long rides with friends.
Mike Chasse
Mike ChasseChief Navigator/Web Guy
Mike grew up alpine ski racing and mountain biking, and eventually followed the snow cross the country to Salt Lake City where he worked as an electrical engineer for the ski lift company, Doppelmayr. After a “lil” ski left injury left him paralyzed he returned home to Northern Maine to help the family bike and ski shop, play outdoors and go on adventures with sidekick and superdog, Caleb.
David Chamberlain
David ChamberlainTrip Leader & Biathlete
David grew up in Wilton, Maine. From the very first day he tasted the freedom and thrill of riding his bike from home to school he has been living his life actively. He began to cross country ski race at age eight and it sparked a 25 year career that took him to the top levels of the sport. After graduating from Bates College with a degree in Mathematics, David competed at three World Championships with the US Ski Team.
Andrew Bouchard aka 'Bouey'
Andrew Bouchard aka 'Bouey'Town Sprint Champion
Andrew is a Co-Owner of Bike Board and Ski in Presque Isle, ME. He has been cycling for 4 years and enjoys all types of riding; road, mountain, cycle cross, adventure and fat biking. I love the challenge, the camaraderie and the sense of accomplishment after a good ride. Before cycling Andrew competed in natural bodybuilding obtaining IFPA Pro Status and enjoys the nutrition aspect of cycling.
Scott Walton
Scott WaltonItalian Food Junkie
Seeing thousands of patients with arthritic joints has emphasized the importance of cross training in the pursuit of physical fitness. Cycling is the perfect activity to maintain and continue to improve overall health and fitness while decreasing the long term effect of running on the joints. It improves cardiovascular health and increases overall strength and endurance, all while experiencing some of the most beautiful sights and landscapes this life has to offer.
Brian Rossignol
Brian RossignolRench Turner Extraordinaire
Brian is the owner of Tooky Wheelworks in Hopkinton NH. He has been an avid cyclist for over 30 years. His impressive resume includes training in California with Greg LeMond & Lance Armstrong’s former coach Eddie Borysewicz . He has also organized and conducted numerous cycling training camps in New Hampshire and North Carolina. Brian tells all of his clients, “I don’t sell bike stuff, I sell cycling.”