10th year anniversary of our last ride with James Grandmaison September 26, 2008—- September 26, 2018

This past September several friends and I went back to Tuscany, Siena and Chianti to be specific to not only enjoy the fine wine, food and cycling but to honor and [...]


Most definitions of adventure I found include the words risk and hazardous. The American Heritage dictionary defines the noun adventure this way; "an undertaking of questionable or hazardous nature." If I choose to accept this [...]

Slow Food Part 1

One of my grandfather Rossignol's and memère Bouchard's favorite meals was pork, beef, rabbit and sometimes partridge Slow Cooked in a big roaster with potatoes, carrots, turnips and lots of onions. This was simply known [...]

Thoughts While on a Ride

As I was cycling yesterday, I began thinking about my life and how's it has evolved within only a few years; the birth of my 2 sons, purchasing our first home, and starting a new [...]