Up the last hill and as I hit the crest I instinctively ready myself for the open view. But instead of coming out at the top of the mountain it’s like I’ve been transported to another world, I am in a valley,  the lush green Chianti region of Tuscany Italy.

I cruise to a halt, I here myself exclaim above the bass beat of my heart. Out ahead are the hills of Chianti, vineyards and fragrant olive groves.  On the horizon, down a winding Road, perfectly paved lie Castellina, Radda,and Giaole.  I wiped the sweat from my forehead letting my breath subside taking it all in. For a moment I think I must be hallucinating. The sky is bright blue, flowers by the road, overhead a sign that reads, Chiesa St. Michel Arc Angelo.  For a moment, one long beautiful moment all I have is in front of me. My mind is empty my body is cleansed by the heat, sun and  slight breeze. I smile, feeling the sweat cool on the small of my back.  The usual clutter of thoughts are gone, the questions, and the doubt. All there is, is this. It’s beautiful, shocking and stunning.  And I realize that if there is a heaven,  this must be what it feels like to arrive. No thoughts, no worries, nothing else. Just thousands of small flowers, rows of vineyards in the green valley and a sense of nothing, of completeness and of things done.