1 04, 2013

Heaven. . . Tuscany and thoughts on my last ride with James Grandmaison

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Up the last hill and as I hit the crest I instinctively ready myself for the open view. But instead of coming out at the top of the mountain it's like I've been transported to another world, I am in a valley,  the lush green Chianti region of Tuscany Italy. I cruise to a halt, [...]

1 04, 2013

Climbing and the Six Gap Ride in the Middleburry Vermont area.

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Climbing is difficult. For many those first encounters with hills come early in life. During those early years the hill is an unwanted obstacle between you and your destination.  And that's all it is an inconvenience. Only years later when you make the transition from bike rider to cyclist, does the lifelong love affair with [...]