26 02, 2016

For the Love That I Have

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My adult children have been wondering why I haven’t written a blog post about them. “In time” or “when the time is right I will put something together”, I would explain. Perhaps the time is now! With the birth of my first grandchild, Kingston (thanks Jordyn and Darren) and the graduation of my sons from [...]

6 06, 2015

Mémère’s Butterscotch Pie – Slow Food Part 2

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In Italy, large meals are concluded with the saying "siamo alla frutta", literally translated, "we are at the fruit"(dessert). In our household, we always ended our meals with a home-cooked dessert and my favorite, without a doubt, was my grandmothers butterscotch pie, always made from scratch in a double boiler. The tradition and [...]

1 06, 2015

Slow Food Part 1

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One of my grandfather Rossignol's and memère Bouchard's favorite meals was pork, beef, rabbit and sometimes partridge Slow Cooked in a big roaster with potatoes, carrots, turnips and lots of onions. This was simply known as, "un rôti". This was always served with plenty of sides like, coleslaw, pickled beets/cauliflower, swiss chard and buckwheat ployes/pancakes [...]

2 05, 2015

Belgium . . . Where cycling is engrained in it’s culture

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A couple of years back my very good friend and cycling companion Dave Chamberlain told me that we have to go cycling in Belgium. "What for?", I asked. "Because there's a lot of great riding there with many historic climbs." I'd heard about the famed Koppenberg, but not much more. I also knew that there [...]

29 04, 2015

Why Cycling and Nordic Skiing is Good for What Ails You

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As we get older it's increasingly important to find and participate in exercise and activities that build you up, not tear you down. For me the days of playing basketball and soccer 3-4 times a week are pretty much over, I think?! Don't get me wrong, I still have that desire and need to lace [...]

28 03, 2015

Exercise really is . . . Good Medicine

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There are many fitness crazes and exercise programs garnering so much attention nowadays that it's difficult to keep up with, much less decipher what's the best fitness routine for a particular individual. P90X, T25, Zumba, spin, bootcamp, cross fit, yoga and the list goes on. All of these disciplines have their merit with excellent concepts [...]

21 01, 2015

Il Campo Cucina . . . a chance meeting with Marlane

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The photo below of the bottles of Brunello di Montalcino sparked a friendship not only with Marlane, but of the small Tuscan village of Radicondoli and it's people including, Francesco, Clizia and especially Giovanna and Umberto. This chance meeting also reawakened inside me the importance of community, spending time together while enjoying excellent food, the [...]

23 11, 2014

Chianti . . . . More than just a good bottle of Vino Rosso

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Chianti is a region of central Tuscany situated between Florence and Siena, surrounded by wooded hills and lush vineyards and olive groves, it is also home to one of the most popular or well known wines in Italy. Chianti is any wine produced in the region of Chianti, historically it was bottled in a squat [...]