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I am a recently turned 50 year old with energy, passion and enthusiasm for life and all things good. Cycling, great food, fine wine, peoples stories and relationships formed are things that excite me.
29 10, 2013

L’Eroica . . . In praise of the Strade Bianche

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Heroic.  L'Eroica is just that and more, a vintage bike ride that takes place every first week end in October through the tuscan countryside of central Italy honoring those heroes of cycling past, it is an event with age-old values that has recently experienced a true modern comeback.  Emphasis is on the non-competitive [...]

9 06, 2013

Focus Group FARM Ride 2013

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On Sunday,  20 or so brave souls tackled 40 miles of tough terrain and battled some rather unpleasant weather, and were otherwise undeterred in their resolve to complete some of the most difficult sections of the FARM ride route.  The days top 3 riders were; Pete McCorison, Jule and Andrew Bouchard.  Julie Chasse Bouchard is [...]

23 05, 2013

New Friends Welcome Us to Their Little Piece of Heaven

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Once again, cycling and it’s connection to people and the formation of relationships has recently presented itself. A year ago Matt Michaud suggested that we host our lunch for the Farm Ride and Tour de L’Acadie somewhere off of ‘le vieux chemin” in Notre Dame du Lac in a farmer’s field with a view of [...]

5 04, 2013

European-style randonnee coming to Maine

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By Julia Bayly, BDN Staff Published Bangor Daily News April 13, 2011 Online Article Link Caribou-based Fresh Trails Adventures is planning a bicycle ride from Fort Kent to Lac Temiscouata, Quebec, on Saturday, May 14, and hopes to introduce the randonnee to cyclists in northern Maine with its first FARM — French Acadian Randonnee of Maine [...]

1 04, 2013

Why we Ride…

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Cycling. . . Pedaling and effort lead consciously or unconsciously to meditation. Without the noise of lists, missed calls, and ever-growing inbox, and responsibility. Under self-imposed but manageable duress, up the side of the Mountain, legs firing, breath labored but in control, eyes focused ahead and around all at once, sense and perception heightened. . [...]

1 04, 2013

Heaven. . . Tuscany and thoughts on my last ride with James Grandmaison

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Up the last hill and as I hit the crest I instinctively ready myself for the open view. But instead of coming out at the top of the mountain it's like I've been transported to another world, I am in a valley,  the lush green Chianti region of Tuscany Italy. I cruise to a halt, [...]

1 04, 2013

Climbing and the Six Gap Ride in the Middleburry Vermont area.

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Climbing is difficult. For many those first encounters with hills come early in life. During those early years the hill is an unwanted obstacle between you and your destination.  And that's all it is an inconvenience. Only years later when you make the transition from bike rider to cyclist, does the lifelong love affair with [...]

11 10, 2011

Cooking school in Tuscany all about food, friends and sharing

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By Julia Bayly, BDN Staff Published Bangor Daily News October 11, 2011 Online Article Link FORT KENT, Maine — Embarking on a new experience in the Tuscan countryside is a bit like opening a gift from a favorite aunt — the outcome is a mystery, but you know it’s going to be something wonderful. Something wonderful [...]

7 10, 2011

Cycling in Europe offers great roads, logistical challenges

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By Julia Bayly, BDN Staff Published Bangor Daily News October 11, 2011 Online Article Link FORT KENT, Maine — Right off the bat, it’s impossible to not notice the difference between bicycling in northern Maine and northern Italy. Many of those differences are what make Tuscany a cycling Mecca while the upper tier of our state can at [...]