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25 11, 2018

10th year anniversary of our last ride with James Grandmaison September 26, 2008—- September 26, 2018

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This past September several friends and I went back to Tuscany, Siena and Chianti to be specific to not only enjoy the fine wine, food and cycling but to honor and remember our friend James Grandmaison who passed away while riding in Tuscany on the road to Castellina in Chianti on [...]

6 09, 2018

Mark, Brian and Bouey do the Vermont Overland 2018

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My brother Brian has been after me for several years to do this gravel ride in Vermont, the "Vermont Overland".  It has become so popular that within 1 hour on January 1st it is completely sold out, 700 registrants!  Brian has told me multiple times that this ride/race is perhaps one of the best and [...]

1 07, 2018

Lessons learned on the Road Less Traveled by Noah Rossignol

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One of the most important moments in my life was my first bike ride on "the fake-speed."  The so called "fake-speed" was an old road bike, with Litespeed decals despite not actually being a Litespeed, that had been sitting outside unused for many years.  One day I pulled it out of its resting spot, greased [...]

30 05, 2018

Thoughts on Gravel grinds and the FARM ride, Part 2 Matt’s perspective

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Matt Michaud has captured quite eloquently in the following essay the essence of the FARM ride that he designed and planned in it's entirety.  He believes that it will spark your interest and awaken your senses which will make for an unforgettable adventure.  Don't miss it, FTA's FARM ride June 23, 2018 roll out at [...]

27 05, 2018

Thoughts on Gravel Grinds and “The FARM ride”

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Matt Michaud and I have been doing gravel rides (that is riding your road bike on surfaces other than tarmac, pavement or city streets) for at least 12-14 years.  I remember it vividly in those early years, we'd plan for an all pavement ride and then invariably and unexpectedly we would encounter a section or [...]