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30 07, 2014

Capturing the Acadian Spirit

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I always wanted to be Acadian. For the longest time I thought I was Acadian. . . I spoke french, was born and raised in the St. John Valley, had a french last name. To my surprise, apparently Rossignol is not an Acadian last name. The first Rossignol’s immigrated from Rennes, France to the Kamarouska [...]

20 07, 2014

CPT Time Trial . . . 5:30 AM

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What's more fun than a 12.3 mile time trial at 5:30 AM amongst good friends? After a 10-15 minute warm up we set out in 1 minute intervals; Beth Ann first, then John, Andrew, Mark and Dave. Winning time 32:40! I won't divulge who won, because that's not really important. Yeah right!!, I can hear [...]

13 07, 2014

Anderson’s Store . . . Stockholm, Maine

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"If we don't have it . . . you probably don't need it." I know you've all heard that one before, but in today's world of excess, this statement truly rings clear and true at Stockholm's best little country store. In the past year alone I've been to Anderson's over 25 times and Walmart 0 [...]

3 07, 2014

My Approach to Bike Safety on the Road

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During my time as a full-time athlete I developed a love-hate relationship with the road when training. On the one hand the road was where I spent the majority of my day, cycling, running, and rollerskiing; I was thankful for the smooth pavement and stretches of quiet road that I sought after while training. On [...]